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SenseMake is a newsletter by Zach Hill that offers his thoughts on design, strategy, creativity, and the future of work.

Isn’t Zach Hill the drummer in Hella?

There is a Zach Hill who is a drummer and at least used to be in a band named Hella.

But that isn’t me. I’m a hybrid service designer/UX Strategist/Design Researcher who is on a journey to figure out what all those words mean in my title and how those words are connected to my career path, the way I want to work, and the way I want to be of service to others.

I’ve been working in the design world in one way or another since 2013 and since then I have been always looking for the best ways to use design to help people live a little bit better.

What I am going to write is a documentation of this exploration and journey. What does it mean to be a designer, strategist, and researcher today? How do creativity and design matter in our daily work? How can people contribute to the future of design? How can we better collaborate and connect with each other to be of service and to solve planet-centered problems?

These are the questions I am trying to answer through my writing.

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SenseMake is a blog & newsletter where Zach Hill tries to make sense of what he's learning in the worlds of design, business, work, strategy, research, facilitation, and life in general.


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